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Day Three of the Fruit and Veg diet!

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Today was oddly successful for a day spent primarily in the house. Still no luck in the job front so I really need to get college finance forms done as soon as possible. The plan was to keep on with the fruit and veg diet but I had a few slip ups here and there. Let’s go over them….



Tin of Diet Fizzy Juice

Cereal. (230kcal)

Normally I would have stuck to having a pear for breakfast but I settled for half a bowl of cereal and milk because of the diet juice I think. The sweeteners cause sugar cravings and there is a lot of sugar in cereal. Maybe I need to lay off the diet fizzy. As I woke up starving, I veered towards the diet fizzy for a burst of bubbles to fill my tummy and th at’s maybe the problem…

At least there was some milk in the cereal….



Crispbreads and cottage cheese (200kcal)

I woke up late today to my breakfast was late and having lunch at this time would have been detrimental and pointless. So, instead, I had a snack instead of a lunch. It was rather small but meh. Dinner was not long from then.



Salad, ham, crispbread and cottage cheese – 350kcal (MAX)

Lovely and just the right quantity. I only ever use small plates now and that’s enough to fill me 🙂



Pear – 100kcal

Found myself starving around 10pm and instead of attempting to go to bed I decided to have a pear. I could kill for a takeaway….must RESIST!

One of the tips I find most useful when calorie counting is round up, especially with calories. Since my Base Metabolism Rate is only 1400kcal, I need to eat less than that to lose weight. It’s important to stay around 1000kcalories. As such, if I eat something that is 49kcal, I put it down as 50kcal, if something is 51kcal, I put it down as 100kcal. I try to make sure this doesn’t go over. However, if I eat my jellies, I need to eat at least 6before they are put down as 100kcal. 🙂 I group together. Might be something to try out. I NEVER eat anything I don’t know the caloric content of. No matter HOW chocolatey, crispy, salty, sugary, or tastey it looks.



Catching up with Calories

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Welp today was my attempt to get back into healthy eating after several days of shall we say “accidents”? I think that’s one of the difficult things to do, especially on a friday when I have a feeling I may either end up drinking or engulfing chocolate…

I’m done eating for today and with the cupcake situation now under control (distributed amongst everyone who won’t give me any back) I only have one cupcake left. I’m not eating it. I’m sick of the sight and taste of them now. Let me see what did I eat.


Breakfast: (260kcal)

Toast and (Homemade) Strawberry Jam = 260kcalories


Lunch: (390kcal)

Small Sushi Box  = 300kcal

Dried Pineapple = 90kcal


Dinner: (600kcal)

Lasagne = 400kcal

Small chips = 200kcal


Dessert: (10kcal)

Weightwatchers Jelly = 10kcal


Total: 1160kcals

Given that I’m trying to eat around 1000kcalories a day due to my low (1400kcalorie) metabolism I’d say today was pretty good 🙂

Hey up weekend, I’m bouncing back 🙂