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Hah! I’d have imagined that working in a fast food restaurant would have put the weight back on me, however, my first two 8 hour shifts have not only got me less weight, but have put a little bit of money in my pocket for the DragonForce concert (yay!) and given me a little bit of muscle, I can feel myself getting stronger.

Aside from having to memorise what’s in each of the set meals for KFC, I haven’t got time to be sitting and trying to snack, besides, we’re not allowed. We’re allowed a meal per shift, but I don’t really like the idea and have been working through my breaks.  We’re allowed to help ourselves to drinks (within reason of course!) but we’re not allowed to drink on the front counter so I have to take it and store it in the staff room and go to the staff room when I need a drink. I’m also only drinking diet, so apart from the teeth damage, I’m not overdosing on sugar.So that’s 8 hours of standing, put chicken in a bucket, cleaning tables, sweeping floors, restocking the front counters with cups, lids, buckets, etc.  So I’m pretty much constantly busy. It’s great!

KFC- lots of chicken!

So much chicken! I will never be able to eat KFC again @_@

So the weigh in this morning?  Well, the past few days I haven’t had much sleep, mostly from insomnia, but last night? Fantastic sleep, I’ve been so busy I’ve completely tired myself out so there’s been chance for muscle and cell repair (which is done through sleep) until last night.  And….?

I’m now 147lbs! Was 175lbs, now 147, that’s nearly 30lbs O_O Bloody hell, I’m just realising this now O.O wow. 2 stone. 2 whole stone O_O WOW.

Time to put it back on xD I need lunch. Nah, but. My original goal was 10stone (140lbs) but I think it might be safe to go down to 9stone.  If I can keep this up I will be there by Christmas 🙂 No more little fat Shanny 🙂

I feel fitter, in control of my eating, more confident and less self hatey, and not to mention, I can do so much more. The whole work thing is making it easier, lifting heavy boxes, and crates of fizzy juice bottles, I’m building muscle too.

I think the biggest difference is my thighs. They were massive, around 75cm, now? 63cm. My stomach? Was 99cm, now 83cm. Hips? 113cm now 97cm. I feel so much better :’)

7lbs till my next big milestone. But I’ll check in before then 🙂 Go me ^_^ Later Taters. xx


How many miles to Skinny?

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Wow…. Only 16 days to go until my deadline. My boyfriend and I decided that a deadline would be a good idea to help keep me motivated in my attempts to lose weight. Another good point is that I have been offered a new job. I need to phone up and so on and that’s quite nerve wracking. I don’t know if everyone gets this nervous or if it’s an autism thing but I need money so as soon as I can get near a phone, etc and have everything together I can give it a go at finding out what I need to do! It’s for KFC which is fairly local so I’m quite chuffed. It’s one bus journey only 20 minutes from my house so if I get it, I’ll be estatic 😀

Erm….what else…. oh! I’m down to 149lbs. I’m under the 150 mark! And it’s all down to eating properly and not eating any more than 1000kcalories a day! There have been occasional blips but it’s over the long term it’s really made a difference.  As long as the overall input is less than the overall output there will be weight loss. I just need to keep telling myself that when I make a mistake and at this weight now, it’s going to take a lot of blips to go back over again.

I’m very nervous about the job thing. I’m curious as to how I’ll manage college work too and if the people are nice and what the pay is like. But overall, it’s quite exciting. A job! Me! Will I be worth it?

Erm…still waiting on college information coming through the door. That needs to hurry up….


So the boyfriend was away in Edinburgh for a few days to see a band called Baroness. I had a wee listen to them and I actually recommend them to anyone that likes decent music. They are genuinely very unique with a huge range of different songs. Some songs are like the Killers, others are more Black Metal.  Anyway, there was that urge to binge away the lonliness of three days in the house. My Dad was down in Manchester so I wasn’t even able to visit my Dad for company, and, as we all know, my mother’s company is lovely, but only in small doses. She’s an interresting woman. So Digi, my boyfriend’s friend decided that he wanted to visit his own girlfriend who lives in a town  18 miles away. I was invited….. Sounds like a good plan right? Right. Wrong. As it is the summer holidays, none of us have any money. (See paragraph 1, Sentence 3). So we had to walk if we wanted to get there.

That very morning, my ears are starting to play up and I decide that maybe I should ask my mum if it’s a problem, given that everything sounds like I’m swimming in a flushing toilet and I  feel like I have pain shooting from one side of my head to the other and a chest burster is tearing out the side of my head. She says I need to go to the doctor, so we make an emergency appointment and my granny takes me because my mum has to go to work. The doctor prescribes Otosporin. Ear drops that are a slight steroid apparently. So these proceed to agonise me worse but the doctor assures me I should be better within the week.

My gran feeds me up with bridge rolls, ham  and cheese and warns me not to go on this walk with Digi and get some rest. It is 11.45am.

Back at home at 1.oopm Digi comes round and at 1.30pm we leave to go on our walk.

3 hours later we are walking through a muddy water-logged field in an attempt to avoid walking on the dual carriageway or alongside it which is illegal and, if caught, is a fine-able offense. Soaked through from the field, we emerge no further forward, and decide to turn back. We are feeling icky and want to go home. 3 hours later again, we have hit the wall. Or near enough. We’re practically crawling back and everything aches but we have about 8 miles till home. We get home? 10.10pm. 8 solid hours of walking.

So, for the next two days, I haven’t been able to do very much and yet, two days after, I got dragged out to help with gardening. I didn’t do much but Digi insisted. That damned Digi. Daniel was back from Edinburgh, so he helped the most, and though I had a bus ticket for the week (care of my mother’s genourous donations), we had to walk from Digi’s house  to mine because Daniel didn’t.

Another good thing is my hair’s been done. It’s newly cut and I have my fringe back! Yaaaay. Happy Days. Hopefully staying that way for a long time. It makes me look younger 😀


Derp. My new fringe, side fringe and squint smile.

Apparently, it really brings out my eyes.

Well that’s about it for the time being, plus I’m starving so I’ll leave it there and go find noms. ^^

Toodles xx


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Hmm monday. Not a good week this week. I appear to have put on 6lbs and I’m not entirely sure how I did it…

It may have been those brazil nuts with chocolate or it may have been the alcohol… either way I have no idea how it went up. Honest….

Right, so I’m now 158lbs.

Let’s start again this week.

Today’s menu was odd since I forgot breakfast and had a 90kcalorie breakfast bar instead, followed by a lunch of noodles and vegetable korma for dinner (yum!) and miso soup for tea with crackers. I also missed a bus twice and had to do two 45minute walks in and out of town. Hopefully this constitutes as a good start.

I don’t really have any advice today and I’m feeling a bit tired from walking all day so I guess I’ll put a few things down so I don’t feel guilty xD

I guess one of my biggest tips on avoiding excess calories is, whenever I feel like snacking or “my mouth is bored” then I make sure I have sugar-free mints (Holland & Barratt) or 10kcalorie Jelly or polo mints. Try and avoid eating by finding a long term low-calorie substitute :3

Ten Minute Later Edit:

Ah! I will add this.

The other night I had a lovely idea for a nom. (The portion I used was a small dinner plate around the size of a large saucer). A small bed of lettuce, Mushrooms, Onions and half an Avocado. One scrambled egg with a dairylea cheese slice sprinkled over the top. BEST. Seriously. And only around 45okcalories. (I struggled to finish it)  If you take the avocado out it’s only 250kcalories btw. 🙂 And a lot of people don’t even like avocado 😛

How do I tone?

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Hmm I appear to have disapeared for the weekend…. OOPS.

I had somewhat of a bender so to speak.

Well I had planned to write about coping with weekend nomming today but I was pm-ed a question on toning up as opposed to losing weight so I think this takes precedence on the important list. So let’s see.

Well, a lot of people assuming that you can just tone up just like that. You can but it’s not easy to see!  A simple answer is that the muscle definition is not the most difficult part. The losing weight is the difficult part.

“But wait! I don’t want to lose weight, I just want a six pack.”

Well that’s fine but… how can anyone see your six pack if it’s hiding behind the other contents of your fridge? In order to see the results, you need little or less fat hiding the muscle tone. So it’s important to lose any large amounts of excessive fat to see it. That’s what this blog is about.

“Yeah yeah” you say, “I know this, gimme toning tips.”

That, to be honest is harder said than done. I don’t want to disapoint but there is no magical miracle exercise that will make you Arnold Swartzen-dude in a month. The only thing I can suggest is walking.

I’m serious. It’s an all over muscle builder that works the whole body. The legs get firmer from the walking, your hips move as you sway, and your shoulders and arms swing (SOFTLY guys! Don’t hurt yourself) back and forth. Your posture, if you’re walking correctly (believe me, you can hurt yourself if you don’t walk right, muscle sprains, etc.) will also correct and your stomach will firm too. Even as little as a ten minute walk to start with will become a 5mile run several weeks down the road.

Also, you could try yoga. Hard going but worth it. Especially for flexibility.

Oh, and the wii fit 😉

I guess that’s all I know really. Hope this helps, even a little.

Fast Food

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One thing that really bugs me is fast food. I’m not talking about takeaways like Chinese food or a chippy, I mean McDonalds, Subways, KFC, Burger King, etc. The starchy, greasy fast food that is more convenient than heading home to make a meal for a family of 8. Understandably if you’re making food for a family of eight than yes, you’ll want convenience over taste and a little fast food now and again isn’t that bad but I’m talking about eating it everyday.

About a year ago, I didn’t know how to cook, even a little bit. Well, I could make noodles and scrambled egg on toast but that’s hardly a range of meals. Learning how to cook is daunting but it’s a good pay off. It’s often a good idea to cook for yourself and someone else as you’re not likely to want to make a big delicious meal that is wasted on yourself.

Anyway, I kind of want to have a rant at fast food so here goes. You walk into a fast food “resturant” it is decorated with garish bright decorations to quieten the children which are dotted around the place like they’re built in with the walls. The “Happy Meals”?  Sure, these places are guilty of bribing children with toys in order to get them to eat the food. But that’s how they sell. They keep people in jobs and keep families fed. It’s a sad truth that you can avoid. All you need to do to change this is stop eating this food for two weeks. Seriously. STOP EATING FAST FOOD FOR A WEEK. Once it’s out your system, the next time you try it, don’t add any salt.  I did the exact same thing. The food is bland, tasteless and the addictiveness will have no appeal.

Take McDonalds for example. The average fries are around 200-400kcalories. Take an asda’s ready meal, relatively healthy in comparison, aroudn 400kcalories. Notice something? How long will these fries keep you filled up? Ten, fifteen minutes? How long does the ready meal fill you up? Well, it’s a meal. It should stop you being hungry for around three (3) to four (4) hours. If not, you need to make your portions smaller till they do. 🙂

I think one of the reasons why people enjoy fast food so much is because it has so much salt in it. But wait, we’re trying to be healthy you say, we’re trying to limit salt. Yes, this is obvious but, all humans are born with an addiction to salt. Think about it. We have evolved through situations where salt and sugar can be limited and this abundance of food we’re currently “suffering from” was not always the case. In order to make sure our bodies get enough salt and sugar, it needed to be able to keep the body taking it in regardless of nessessity. There may be lots today, but it cannot guarantee the same case tomorrow. It’s all about storage.

It also cheaper right? Well not exactly. It’s fast. That’s the general appeal. As far as I’ve seen for £3.99 you can buy a McDonald’s happy meal to fill you up for twenty minutes (that’s 400kcalories for the fries, 400kcalories for the burger equaling 800kcalories) or you can get a asda’s microwave ready meal for £2 and wait twenty minutes more to go home and cook it. All in all, weight loss is about patience.

Another sneaky trick is the “have it your way” trick. What do you think is so popular about KFC or Subway? Oh I’ll have a sub with lettuce and salad and a little more onions and this will justify the mayonnaise…. Bread itself is heavy in the carbs. Too much can be wreck the diet. But by thinking “I’ll just have”, invites more “I’ll JUST have” untill you’d be cheaper (calorie-wise) just taking the fatter option!

As for people who eat fast food and stay skinny. Damn your high metabolisms 😉

One last thing: NEVER SUPERSIZE. I don’t care how healthy, how much cheaper, how hungry you are. NO. Just no. There is no excuse. You cannot complain about your weight and stick in a bucket of fries and half a cow of burger. NO NO NO NO NO. End of. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts. I’m serious. Now, fair enough if you’re hungry after a normal one, (not that I’m condoning fast food if you can help it) go buy another one. But if there is food there, chances are you will eat it.

Studies have shown that eating from a larger plate increases the amount you eat by 30 to 40 percent. If you don’t believe it, you don’t have to but I suggest a book called “Mindless Eating” by Brian Wansink. He is in no way affiliated with me and I’m sure he doesn’t even know who I am but this book will change your outlook on food. I’m sure you can find it pretty cheap on ebay or my favourite, amazon.Educate yourself people :3

Anyway, I’ve gone on enough. I hope this information helps a little or at least provides a little food for thought. Thanks for reading and sorry for the text wall 🙂 Thanks guys.


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Tofu block

Tofu: not to be confused with cocaine which is not recommended as a source of protein…..

This morning I woke up and realised I still have some leftover tofu in the fridge that I bought a few days ago so I fried up a little in soy sauce and garlic for flavour (I don’t use oil if I can help it) and had it for breakfast with some crispbreads. (Crispbreads are really tasty crackers that only have about 20kcalories each). Overall I think the breakfast is just under 200kcalories and it fills me up. Protein can be good in the morning as it sets you up with energy especially if you plan on doing a workout.

Tofu is often underestimated as a food source and I’ll admit that I used to think it was just a food that vegetarians ate because they didn’t eat meat. But it has so many benefits. It’s very low in fat and calories and a good source of protein.

I think the best thing about it is it’s versatility. It can be used with nearly everything. Think of it like a sponge. It’s a soft melt in your mouth food that picks up any flavours you put with it.

Personally I love it with miso soup. If you ever get the chance to try that I recommend it, even if you have to cut the tofu and put it in yourself. 🙂

So yeah, short post for now but later I have a little rant about fast food coming up.

Laters :3

p.s There is a lovely recipe for Tofu located HERE

Rhubarb Crumble.

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I would be telling a lie if I said that desserts are healthy but I suppose some are healthier than others right? Well my Dad gifted me some rhubarb from the invasion of rhubarb plants slowly taking over his garden and I thought I’d make some crumble with it. Rhubarb is a pretty easy plant to grow with little cultivation needed once it takes over. My Dad ignores the plant for most of the year and it still manages to produce a heap of rhubarb in the summer. Most of the time it is left to die and nothing is picked but this time, we’re going to do something with it 😀 It’s also pretty healthy with a soursweet taste that is really nice and it’s good for you, providing you don’t go overboard and drown it with sugar.

I think it’s safe to say that rhubarb crumble is good on the waistline as I had to hulk over 12lbs worth of plain flour, caster sugar, demarera sugar, icing sugar, self raising flour and god knows what else back from asda. I didn’t need everything but I wanted to make cupcakes too so I got a few extras. Hauling them was difficult so my boyfriend (Daniel) and I had to share the weight. This seems like a little bit of a workout to me!

Note: Cupcakes are not a waist’s best friend. However a small treat now and again can be quite motivational. Just because I made lots of cupcakes, doesn’t mean I have to eat them all. However that can be difficult for some people. If that’s the case, only make one for yourself and save the rest for other people. Let them know you have saved some for them so you have to give them something and can’t nom them yourself xD

So we made a large amount of cupcakes since we bought six eggs and my stupid fridge is being stupid (so we can’t store the eggs and had to use them all up).  Pretty dangerous however, adding buttercream icing to the top >.<

cupcakes of calories

The one on the left has blue food colouring in it. xD

The rhubarb crumble was a success that everyone seemed to like too.  There may be slightly too much sugar in it though but it was a nice end to a good low calorie day. Shame the cakes at the end (me and Daniel nearly halfed the rhubarb crumble and had two cupcakes each) overdid it. Still tomorrow is another day and there is no chance I’m eating anything else tonight. 🙂

Crunchy Rhubarb Crumble

Omnomnom! Didn’t last very long!

The recipes that follow are what I used:


Rhubarb Crumble


Hope these are of some use and please don’t overdo it 😉 Too much sugar is bad for you.


However I’ll be back to my healthy self tomorrow I hopes.