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Hah! I’d have imagined that working in a fast food restaurant would have put the weight back on me, however, my first two 8 hour shifts have not only got me less weight, but have put a little bit of money in my pocket for the DragonForce concert (yay!) and given me a little bit of muscle, I can feel myself getting stronger.

Aside from having to memorise what’s in each of the set meals for KFC, I haven’t got time to be sitting and trying to snack, besides, we’re not allowed. We’re allowed a meal per shift, but I don’t really like the idea and have been working through my breaks.  We’re allowed to help ourselves to drinks (within reason of course!) but we’re not allowed to drink on the front counter so I have to take it and store it in the staff room and go to the staff room when I need a drink. I’m also only drinking diet, so apart from the teeth damage, I’m not overdosing on sugar.So that’s 8 hours of standing, put chicken in a bucket, cleaning tables, sweeping floors, restocking the front counters with cups, lids, buckets, etc.  So I’m pretty much constantly busy. It’s great!

KFC- lots of chicken!

So much chicken! I will never be able to eat KFC again @_@

So the weigh in this morning?  Well, the past few days I haven’t had much sleep, mostly from insomnia, but last night? Fantastic sleep, I’ve been so busy I’ve completely tired myself out so there’s been chance for muscle and cell repair (which is done through sleep) until last night.  And….?

I’m now 147lbs! Was 175lbs, now 147, that’s nearly 30lbs O_O Bloody hell, I’m just realising this now O.O wow. 2 stone. 2 whole stone O_O WOW.

Time to put it back on xD I need lunch. Nah, but. My original goal was 10stone (140lbs) but I think it might be safe to go down to 9stone.  If I can keep this up I will be there by Christmas 🙂 No more little fat Shanny 🙂

I feel fitter, in control of my eating, more confident and less self hatey, and not to mention, I can do so much more. The whole work thing is making it easier, lifting heavy boxes, and crates of fizzy juice bottles, I’m building muscle too.

I think the biggest difference is my thighs. They were massive, around 75cm, now? 63cm. My stomach? Was 99cm, now 83cm. Hips? 113cm now 97cm. I feel so much better :’)

7lbs till my next big milestone. But I’ll check in before then 🙂 Go me ^_^ Later Taters. xx


How do I tone?

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Hmm I appear to have disapeared for the weekend…. OOPS.

I had somewhat of a bender so to speak.

Well I had planned to write about coping with weekend nomming today but I was pm-ed a question on toning up as opposed to losing weight so I think this takes precedence on the important list. So let’s see.

Well, a lot of people assuming that you can just tone up just like that. You can but it’s not easy to see!  A simple answer is that the muscle definition is not the most difficult part. The losing weight is the difficult part.

“But wait! I don’t want to lose weight, I just want a six pack.”

Well that’s fine but… how can anyone see your six pack if it’s hiding behind the other contents of your fridge? In order to see the results, you need little or less fat hiding the muscle tone. So it’s important to lose any large amounts of excessive fat to see it. That’s what this blog is about.

“Yeah yeah” you say, “I know this, gimme toning tips.”

That, to be honest is harder said than done. I don’t want to disapoint but there is no magical miracle exercise that will make you Arnold Swartzen-dude in a month. The only thing I can suggest is walking.

I’m serious. It’s an all over muscle builder that works the whole body. The legs get firmer from the walking, your hips move as you sway, and your shoulders and arms swing (SOFTLY guys! Don’t hurt yourself) back and forth. Your posture, if you’re walking correctly (believe me, you can hurt yourself if you don’t walk right, muscle sprains, etc.) will also correct and your stomach will firm too. Even as little as a ten minute walk to start with will become a 5mile run several weeks down the road.

Also, you could try yoga. Hard going but worth it. Especially for flexibility.

Oh, and the wii fit 😉

I guess that’s all I know really. Hope this helps, even a little.

Comfort Eating (part 1)

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Heh. I put part 1 as I will probably end up mentioning it again.

I have a litle interactive thing for you to do tonight. 🙂

Firstly, I want you to get some paper and a pen. Go on, I’ll wait.

(note: Get off your fat ass and get some paper.*)

Got paper? ….. I’m not continuing until you do.

Now? You do? About bloody time. Good Let’s continue 🙂

Right. Comfort foods.

Simply what it says on the label. We want to eat these foods because they comfort us. However, the problem is that comfort foods can be more than just the unhealthy foods that we see everyday. a.k.a chocolate, crisps (chips), french fries (chips!) and burgers, pizza, cakes, etc. Sometimes comfort food is “normal” food.

What makes a comfort food? Is it the high calories? Is it the “I shouldn’t be eating this I’m so naughty.” or is it the connections we have to it? Well, in reality it’s a little bit of all three. The connotations of eating or doing something we shouldn’t plays back to the simplest of human psychology. I can’t have it, so I want it. That’s why restrictive diets that completely cut out “bad foods” don’t work! The body wants what it can’t have.

Fair enough, if you don’t like chocolate, don’t eat it problem solved. But if you’re the chocolate nommer of San Diego then we’re in a bit of a pickle aren’t we….

Anyway. What I want you to do is think. (OOOooh tough I know, but don’t hurt yourself!). Think. What’s your guilty pleasure? Is it roast beef? Chocolate? Hummus? Rice Pudding? Coconut? Peanut flavoured soup. Write it down.  Is this food one of your compulsive eats? Doesn’t matter if you think of more than one, write them down on seperate pieces of paper and after we’re finished you can do it again if you want. (It may help if you do). Again, knowledge is power.

Right. Think about how this food makes you feel. Question why? Explain why. Ask Why again?Let me offer an example as a support. A comfort food for me is Chocolate. (Baring in mind I haven’t eaten chocolate in three days, I’m going to go insane if I don’t have a little nibble of some soon….)

Okay so Chocolate  makes me feel happy. Why? It tastes nice and I associate it with a treat. Why? Because when I had a good day at school, my mum would treat me to a chocolate bar. Chocolate was a treat, therefore I want it all the time (slight exageration) to emulate those feelings reinforced from childhood. Understand? I hope it makes sense. Another reason? Often when I’m on my period (sorry guys) chocolate was given to me in an attempt to cheer me up/make me feel better. Does it work? No, however, this reinforces the IDEA that it might.  Yes?

The IDEA that we are going to enjoy this food is a comfort to us.
I’m going to follow with another story of my childhood. xD

When I was in primary (elementary) school, my gran and mum used to take me to a little cafe sometimes called “La Sparenza” (if you can translate this for me in the comments that’d be grand). I used to get a filled roll (barm, bun, dunno what you call ’em) for lunch. The whole cafe used to smell like chicken tikka and that was was I would get on this roll. Chicken Tikka. The oddest thing about this chicken tikka was that it was pink! Not red, not reddy pink, bright pink! PINK. HOT PINK.  But it was so lovely. Even today I can barely remember the dusty white flour from the rolls cloudying up my fingers, the sweet chewy taste of the chicken tikka, the smell of my gran’s coffee, but I would still love to taste that chicken tikka again.

One day not so long again I went back to La Sparenza to get a filled roll and looked around for my chicken tikka filling. However, I couldn’t see it so I asked the woman behind the counter.

“Oh! Did you stop serving chicken tikka?”

To which the woman looked at me in confusion before pointing to a mouldy-brown coloured filling with a few lumps of chicken sticking out of it.

“It’s right here.”

Well, needless to say I was gutted. They changed the recipe. They ruined my chicken tikka, and to this day I have never found my lost pink chicken tikka filling…. 😥

However, the principal is the same. We want to emulate those feelings of comfort and safety we found as a child, especially with stressful situations, oh I’ll come to that in a later post. Don’t worry!


Anyway, once you discover why you eat these things and why they bring you comfort, you can enforce new foods in a similar way, such as salad or healthier foods. Maybe even remove the temptation to eat these foods. However, I should prolly point out it is NOT a good idea to cut out comfort foods altogether straight away. If you stop completely you’ll yearn for these foods and end up overdoing it. No, the trick is limiting it, or making space for it by exercising or cutting back on some other luxury. At least, that works for me. I substitute sweet things with my weightwatchers jelly. It’s sweet, comforting and at only 10 calories, I can have 19 more before I eat more than the calories in a chocolate bar….. given that I can only eat three at a time, that’ll be a laugh.  The trick is finding the foods that work for you.  I stress the importance of this. If you have to eat three pounds of  ham and a packet of cheesy wotsits, chances are, you’ll be better eating the cheesy wotsits right amirite?

Kind of….. it’s not healthy, but it will stop the pounds creeping up. Well, there is some level of hard work involved here guys. Self control. It sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but I’m really not. Like I said, find your strengths and work to them make it a little easier on yourself by working harder. 🙂

Anyway, I hope that made some sense and you learned something new. 🙂 Later’s taters. x

*If you take offence to this you are acknowledging that you have a fat ass and that my comment was directed at you personally which it was not ;P