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Hmm monday. Not a good week this week. I appear to have put on 6lbs and I’m not entirely sure how I did it…

It may have been those brazil nuts with chocolate or it may have been the alcohol… either way I have no idea how it went up. Honest….

Right, so I’m now 158lbs.

Let’s start again this week.

Today’s menu was odd since I forgot breakfast and had a 90kcalorie breakfast bar instead, followed by a lunch of noodles and vegetable korma for dinner (yum!) and miso soup for tea with crackers. I also missed a bus twice and had to do two 45minute walks in and out of town. Hopefully this constitutes as a good start.

I don’t really have any advice today and I’m feeling a bit tired from walking all day so I guess I’ll put a few things down so I don’t feel guilty xD

I guess one of my biggest tips on avoiding excess calories is, whenever I feel like snacking or “my mouth is bored” then I make sure I have sugar-free mints (Holland & Barratt) or 10kcalorie Jelly or polo mints. Try and avoid eating by finding a long term low-calorie substitute :3

Ten Minute Later Edit:

Ah! I will add this.

The other night I had a lovely idea for a nom. (The portion I used was a small dinner plate around the size of a large saucer). A small bed of lettuce, Mushrooms, Onions and half an Avocado. One scrambled egg with a dairylea cheese slice sprinkled over the top. BEST. Seriously. And only around 45okcalories. (I struggled to finish it)  If you take the avocado out it’s only 250kcalories btw. 🙂 And a lot of people don’t even like avocado 😛


Catching up with Calories

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Welp today was my attempt to get back into healthy eating after several days of shall we say “accidents”? I think that’s one of the difficult things to do, especially on a friday when I have a feeling I may either end up drinking or engulfing chocolate…

I’m done eating for today and with the cupcake situation now under control (distributed amongst everyone who won’t give me any back) I only have one cupcake left. I’m not eating it. I’m sick of the sight and taste of them now. Let me see what did I eat.


Breakfast: (260kcal)

Toast and (Homemade) Strawberry Jam = 260kcalories


Lunch: (390kcal)

Small Sushi Box  = 300kcal

Dried Pineapple = 90kcal


Dinner: (600kcal)

Lasagne = 400kcal

Small chips = 200kcal


Dessert: (10kcal)

Weightwatchers Jelly = 10kcal


Total: 1160kcals

Given that I’m trying to eat around 1000kcalories a day due to my low (1400kcalorie) metabolism I’d say today was pretty good 🙂

Hey up weekend, I’m bouncing back 🙂