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This is a rather odd topic I know but some people actually don’t know why and how they are clogged up. xD Naturally, fresh fruit and vegetables are natures way of flushing out the  system.  Even if you think you can lose weight without fruit and vegetables or they are too complex to think up ways to cook them, remember, it’s okay to eat many of them raw! (Except maybe potatoes). No-one will think you’re weird if you’re out on a bus nomming an apple, well….they might if you’re deep-throating a cucumber while attempting to hide from view in the back seat….


Periods. Awful, messy, moody, depressing things. You’re emotionally charged and losing blood. Damn right you’re pissed of, but that’s not all! You can also get constipated due to the hormones going “I don’t fucking know :D”. One of the ways I learned to help is eating more fruit and vegetables and heaps more water. You’re flushing blood out so the body clings on to every last bit of water it can so drink more. Lean meats like grilled chicken are  always good but especially good now for replenishing lost iron in the blood, and milk replaces the calcium to reduce cramps so that’s something to try to. Banana’s are good for extra potassium too! Simply put, even though you feel like crap and want to eat chocolate and crisps, you’ll feel better with healthier food. I heard that it can get worse as you get older though so if it gets completely out of control, maybe check with your doctor, perhaps it might be the onset of IBS? p.s. Online doctors are NOT a good idea.

Purple Cow

I wouldn’t recommend Milk from this source….unless it’s CHOCOLATE Milk.

SAFE ZONE (For the cowards out there :P)

It’s always a good idea to eat a little salad with every meal. A lot of people think that if you have salad with your dinner then you don’t need to have salad with your other meals. My boyfriend’s parents helped me learn a neat little trick 20% meat, 40% carbs and 40% vegetables. For EVERY meal. It helps you stay regular. Remember, not going enough can cause bowel cancer among other things due to the bacteria… (Ew!) and makes for a very grumpy person! So keep nomming green 🙂

That doesn’t mean cut out fats completely!!! That’s impossible, just keep paying attention to what you are nomming!

Oh, I’m also gonna post what I ate today for reflection purposes…. and in case anyone is interrested 😛

FOOD DIARY – 22/06/2012

Breakfast (at 12.30pm)

boiled and chopped up egg (in a cup) with four crispbreads – 200kcal

I was disappointed in this because I boiled the egg for too long and it tasted all dry and blergh!  I settled on eating it anyway due to hunger. It was okay, but it could have been much better .___.

Snack (at 3pm)

Two Packet of Crisps – 200kcal

Yeah so I had an accident. They were there and I was bored and there was nothing on the telly. I need to get out more and stop lurking near food!

Dinner (6.35pm)

Pasta with peppers and mushrooms in a tomato and basil sauce – 300kcals

REALLY REALLY YUMMY! It made up for the iffy overcooked breakfast. I’m proud of this because I managed to stop when I was full and binned the extras that I could not finish so that I wouldn’t be tempted later. my stomach must be shrinking.

Supper (22.14)

Crispbreads (x 2) Cottage Cheese, Ham and Salad – 160kcal


Drinks with countable Kcalories

Two x Glass of Milk – 200kcal

Worth it 😉

After having that pasta, I’m stuffed. It’s 8pm and I don’t think I’ll need anything else for the night. yay!


Day Three of the Fruit and Veg diet!

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Today was oddly successful for a day spent primarily in the house. Still no luck in the job front so I really need to get college finance forms done as soon as possible. The plan was to keep on with the fruit and veg diet but I had a few slip ups here and there. Let’s go over them….



Tin of Diet Fizzy Juice

Cereal. (230kcal)

Normally I would have stuck to having a pear for breakfast but I settled for half a bowl of cereal and milk because of the diet juice I think. The sweeteners cause sugar cravings and there is a lot of sugar in cereal. Maybe I need to lay off the diet fizzy. As I woke up starving, I veered towards the diet fizzy for a burst of bubbles to fill my tummy and th at’s maybe the problem…

At least there was some milk in the cereal….



Crispbreads and cottage cheese (200kcal)

I woke up late today to my breakfast was late and having lunch at this time would have been detrimental and pointless. So, instead, I had a snack instead of a lunch. It was rather small but meh. Dinner was not long from then.



Salad, ham, crispbread and cottage cheese – 350kcal (MAX)

Lovely and just the right quantity. I only ever use small plates now and that’s enough to fill me 🙂



Pear – 100kcal

Found myself starving around 10pm and instead of attempting to go to bed I decided to have a pear. I could kill for a takeaway….must RESIST!

One of the tips I find most useful when calorie counting is round up, especially with calories. Since my Base Metabolism Rate is only 1400kcal, I need to eat less than that to lose weight. It’s important to stay around 1000kcalories. As such, if I eat something that is 49kcal, I put it down as 50kcal, if something is 51kcal, I put it down as 100kcal. I try to make sure this doesn’t go over. However, if I eat my jellies, I need to eat at least 6before they are put down as 100kcal. 🙂 I group together. Might be something to try out. I NEVER eat anything I don’t know the caloric content of. No matter HOW chocolatey, crispy, salty, sugary, or tastey it looks.


Fruit and Veg diet.

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It’s been a while since my last post. Let me explain why:

First, (don’t ask me how) I lost the password to my account. In my attempts to find out my password again via email, I found some b****rd had hacked my hotmail account. AGAIN. I have spent two weeks trying to remember my backup email password. -___-

Anyway, I have managed to reach 11 stone. (154lbs) Just 1 stone left till my original goal weight. I’m not entirely sure how I managed it, but I think it’s mostly down to exercise.

This week I am trying to eat nothing but fruit and veg. Consider it a vegitarian diet. No meat, no dairy. Depending on how this goes I might go down to 9 stone. However, I don’t have the patience for no meat >.< Might have to implement some Tofu in…

Yesterday I ate:


Nectarine, handful of grapes


Melon slices,


Salad and stir-fried vegetables


Pear and Two (10kcal weightwatchers) Jellies.

Nothing unhealthy in that and I didn’t go hungry 😀 Yay. I only drank milk (the only dairy I’m allowing myself to consume) and my skin is so shiny!!! ❤

Today I started with


Nectarine – again.


Bowl of Honey soaked ricey weatabix cerael at only 230kcal for 40g with Milk


20kcal Crispbreads (x4) Salad leaves, cottage cheese and a little milk. (Cottage cheese is a safe food because it’s not high in fat) I had some chicken to stop the feeling of dizzy I had (I’m assuming from lack of iron from lack of meat).

I’m going to stick with this and see if I can make it to next Tuesday like this. No Carbs, limited dairy and no yucky foods 🙂 We’ll see.

Any advice is greatly recieved!

Oh! I also made some Rhubarb crumble but I didn’t eat it. xD My boyfriend did and apparently it was delicious :3

Binge Eating. Part 1

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This is a sensitive subject due to the fact it’s plagued me for years so expect a lengthy post on this.

It started in primary school (or junior school) when I was about 8.  There are a huge number of triggers that were possible…

However, first lets figure out what binge eating is.

I haz a karit


Many doctors will say that binge eating is when someone is eating lots and lots and unable to stop and yes, that is one example. However, binge eating manifests in different ways and for different reasons. For example, it is highly assossiated with anorexics who eat nothing all day, binge eating by thousands of calories and then purge it through vomitting or laxitives. But people without eating disorders may be eating over accidently all the time.

For example. Our portion sizes, as anyone will tell you, are grossly out of proportion. Secretly, everyone knows that the average person eats nearly twice as much per meal as we used to. Aye, you say, that’s true, but we need it more. Really? Have you tried surviving on less? No I’m not asking you to starve yourself, but there’s a little trick called the 30 percent rule that may shock you.

The 30 percent rule states that you can eat 30percent more or 30 percent less of your food without even realising it.

I have a nifty trick that might seem odd to you, but it greatly decreased my ability to eat large portions. I didn’t even realise my portions were big!!!

One day, I sat down with my dinner (tuna salad btw) and attempted to eat. For every forkful I put in my mouth, I forked another into a small plastic baggy beside me. I did this until I had finished my meal. I fet full, I wasn’t hungry any more and I looked into the bag to find a HUGE amount of food left over. Seems like a huge waste doesn’t it? Exactly. By doing this exercise I was able to realise how much I was eating versus how much I actually needed. The food was wasted yes but this stopped me wasting food in the long run because I wasn’t piling it onto my hips. Try this exercise, especially if you have a food budget and watch how quickly you manage to save money on food 🙂 Watch how much longer food lasts!




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One of the most important things in losing weight and keeping the weight off,  is keeping your spirits and hopes up. Self motivation and believe sounds rather trivial and it is. Wishing want keep weight off but believing in yourself is exceptionally important.

So, what I’m asking from you guys today is to make up a slogan for yourself. It doesn’t have to be fantastic but it does have to be important to you. Something you can relate to, like “I’m going to lose weight”, “I can lose weight” or, “look at how much weight I’ve lost, I can do it.”

Basically, the point is to create a powerful self-motivating phrase to tell yourself in the mirror 5 times every morning as well as every time you feel the urge to nom a snack between meals. Once you see yourself in the mirror, you’re less likely to want a snack or eat out of boredom (as opposed to hunger) or for the sake of eating. Remember, you CAN lose weight, you just need to THINK you can and the more you tell yourself something, the more you’ll begin to believe it 🙂



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Hmm monday. Not a good week this week. I appear to have put on 6lbs and I’m not entirely sure how I did it…

It may have been those brazil nuts with chocolate or it may have been the alcohol… either way I have no idea how it went up. Honest….

Right, so I’m now 158lbs.

Let’s start again this week.

Today’s menu was odd since I forgot breakfast and had a 90kcalorie breakfast bar instead, followed by a lunch of noodles and vegetable korma for dinner (yum!) and miso soup for tea with crackers. I also missed a bus twice and had to do two 45minute walks in and out of town. Hopefully this constitutes as a good start.

I don’t really have any advice today and I’m feeling a bit tired from walking all day so I guess I’ll put a few things down so I don’t feel guilty xD

I guess one of my biggest tips on avoiding excess calories is, whenever I feel like snacking or “my mouth is bored” then I make sure I have sugar-free mints (Holland & Barratt) or 10kcalorie Jelly or polo mints. Try and avoid eating by finding a long term low-calorie substitute :3

Ten Minute Later Edit:

Ah! I will add this.

The other night I had a lovely idea for a nom. (The portion I used was a small dinner plate around the size of a large saucer). A small bed of lettuce, Mushrooms, Onions and half an Avocado. One scrambled egg with a dairylea cheese slice sprinkled over the top. BEST. Seriously. And only around 45okcalories. (I struggled to finish it)  If you take the avocado out it’s only 250kcalories btw. 🙂 And a lot of people don’t even like avocado 😛

How do I tone?

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Hmm I appear to have disapeared for the weekend…. OOPS.

I had somewhat of a bender so to speak.

Well I had planned to write about coping with weekend nomming today but I was pm-ed a question on toning up as opposed to losing weight so I think this takes precedence on the important list. So let’s see.

Well, a lot of people assuming that you can just tone up just like that. You can but it’s not easy to see!  A simple answer is that the muscle definition is not the most difficult part. The losing weight is the difficult part.

“But wait! I don’t want to lose weight, I just want a six pack.”

Well that’s fine but… how can anyone see your six pack if it’s hiding behind the other contents of your fridge? In order to see the results, you need little or less fat hiding the muscle tone. So it’s important to lose any large amounts of excessive fat to see it. That’s what this blog is about.

“Yeah yeah” you say, “I know this, gimme toning tips.”

That, to be honest is harder said than done. I don’t want to disapoint but there is no magical miracle exercise that will make you Arnold Swartzen-dude in a month. The only thing I can suggest is walking.

I’m serious. It’s an all over muscle builder that works the whole body. The legs get firmer from the walking, your hips move as you sway, and your shoulders and arms swing (SOFTLY guys! Don’t hurt yourself) back and forth. Your posture, if you’re walking correctly (believe me, you can hurt yourself if you don’t walk right, muscle sprains, etc.) will also correct and your stomach will firm too. Even as little as a ten minute walk to start with will become a 5mile run several weeks down the road.

Also, you could try yoga. Hard going but worth it. Especially for flexibility.

Oh, and the wii fit 😉

I guess that’s all I know really. Hope this helps, even a little.