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Gahhh O___O


It’s been so long since I’ve lost weight. I’ve been eating on and off in terms of healthy / good foods. I put on a little for a bit and went back up to 148lbs. That’s only a pound difference but I need to get down to 140lbs for the DragonForce concert on the 28th of September. That’s under 4 weeks away from now. That’s 1.2lbs a week because…I lost 2lbs this week 😀

Well….technically, I need to “weight” (ha!) till saturday to weigh myself properly because that keeps the balance fair. (Due to weight fluctuating through the course of a week). Still, I’m happy that, even though I’m on my period, I’ve lost 2lbs. I’ve got to keep going.

I burned off 400kcal on the exercise bike last night, which is a good way to speed up the weight loss and I’m trying to exercise at every given opportunity.

In the meantime here’s a picture of an animal that weighs that amount of weight I’ve lost in total.

I’m a dignified penguin and I’m not fat D:

Emporer Penguins are adorable and adult males can sometimes reach up to and occasionally over 30lbs!




Apparently the coyote pup weighs 30lbs! Just imagine, I lost a coyote pup in weight! I hope he doesn’t think I ate his brother D: Adorable though, right? xD -eats chocolate yoghurt surreptiously in corner-



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