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How many miles to Skinny?

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Wow…. Only 16 days to go until my deadline. My boyfriend and I decided that a deadline would be a good idea to help keep me motivated in my attempts to lose weight. Another good point is that I have been offered a new job. I need to phone up and so on and that’s quite nerve wracking. I don’t know if everyone gets this nervous or if it’s an autism thing but I need money so as soon as I can get near a phone, etc and have everything together I can give it a go at finding out what I need to do! It’s for KFC which is fairly local so I’m quite chuffed. It’s one bus journey only 20 minutes from my house so if I get it, I’ll be estatic 😀

Erm….what else…. oh! I’m down to 149lbs. I’m under the 150 mark! And it’s all down to eating properly and not eating any more than 1000kcalories a day! There have been occasional blips but it’s over the long term it’s really made a difference.  As long as the overall input is less than the overall output there will be weight loss. I just need to keep telling myself that when I make a mistake and at this weight now, it’s going to take a lot of blips to go back over again.

I’m very nervous about the job thing. I’m curious as to how I’ll manage college work too and if the people are nice and what the pay is like. But overall, it’s quite exciting. A job! Me! Will I be worth it?

Erm…still waiting on college information coming through the door. That needs to hurry up….


So the boyfriend was away in Edinburgh for a few days to see a band called Baroness. I had a wee listen to them and I actually recommend them to anyone that likes decent music. They are genuinely very unique with a huge range of different songs. Some songs are like the Killers, others are more Black Metal.  Anyway, there was that urge to binge away the lonliness of three days in the house. My Dad was down in Manchester so I wasn’t even able to visit my Dad for company, and, as we all know, my mother’s company is lovely, but only in small doses. She’s an interresting woman. So Digi, my boyfriend’s friend decided that he wanted to visit his own girlfriend who lives in a town  18 miles away. I was invited….. Sounds like a good plan right? Right. Wrong. As it is the summer holidays, none of us have any money. (See paragraph 1, Sentence 3). So we had to walk if we wanted to get there.

That very morning, my ears are starting to play up and I decide that maybe I should ask my mum if it’s a problem, given that everything sounds like I’m swimming in a flushing toilet and I  feel like I have pain shooting from one side of my head to the other and a chest burster is tearing out the side of my head. She says I need to go to the doctor, so we make an emergency appointment and my granny takes me because my mum has to go to work. The doctor prescribes Otosporin. Ear drops that are a slight steroid apparently. So these proceed to agonise me worse but the doctor assures me I should be better within the week.

My gran feeds me up with bridge rolls, ham  and cheese and warns me not to go on this walk with Digi and get some rest. It is 11.45am.

Back at home at 1.oopm Digi comes round and at 1.30pm we leave to go on our walk.

3 hours later we are walking through a muddy water-logged field in an attempt to avoid walking on the dual carriageway or alongside it which is illegal and, if caught, is a fine-able offense. Soaked through from the field, we emerge no further forward, and decide to turn back. We are feeling icky and want to go home. 3 hours later again, we have hit the wall. Or near enough. We’re practically crawling back and everything aches but we have about 8 miles till home. We get home? 10.10pm. 8 solid hours of walking.

So, for the next two days, I haven’t been able to do very much and yet, two days after, I got dragged out to help with gardening. I didn’t do much but Digi insisted. That damned Digi. Daniel was back from Edinburgh, so he helped the most, and though I had a bus ticket for the week (care of my mother’s genourous donations), we had to walk from Digi’s house  to mine because Daniel didn’t.

Another good thing is my hair’s been done. It’s newly cut and I have my fringe back! Yaaaay. Happy Days. Hopefully staying that way for a long time. It makes me look younger 😀


Derp. My new fringe, side fringe and squint smile.

Apparently, it really brings out my eyes.

Well that’s about it for the time being, plus I’m starving so I’ll leave it there and go find noms. ^^

Toodles xx


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