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Period. Warning: Blood.

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Well, I must be doing something right because, after “accidently” opting for three takeaways this week, I have still lost weight. Now, I’m no way in hell condoning three takeaways in one week, it’s simply God-awful and health wise it’s a catastrophe, but….at the start of the week I was 152lbs, and one week later, I’m now 151 after three takeaways and copious heaps of chocolate.

Now it’s fair enough that having a week of losing blood and retained water would mostly be losing water weight but, if this is the only weight that is lost, then, surely I would have stayed the same, especially what with happening eaten so much, but no! As if by some miraculous….well…miracle I’ve gone down. That makes 4lbs in three weeks. I’m really chuffed :3

With only 11lbs to go, I’m nearly at my first goal weight, I just need to keep focused, and keep the healthy portions and food flowing. I think my metabolism is increasing. This might be due to my general exercise, I tend to spend less time indoors so I’m doing more! What’s more is the boyfriend is fixing up his bikes so soon I’ll be doing some biking and this’ll help with my problem area; my thighs.

Yay! I’m getting less fat. 🙂


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Well hello there! Whether you’re a newbie to this blog or a regular in need of a quick reminder on what this blog is about (in summary of course) then I couldn’t recommend a better page. Then again I did write this so I’m somewhat biased…. Well, my name is Shan. It’s not my real or full name but it’s a start and given that we’re on the interwebs it’s hardly a place to start giving out personal information. If you want to get fresh with me you can find my facebook and irratate my there. If you’re really lucky, I might even add you as a friend! But no flirting boys! I have a boyfriend :3 I live in the East of Scotland where is it permenantly freezing. On average we have roughly 4 minutes of sun a year and the chances of me spending a day indoors without exercise is high so don’t expect miracles people. At this moment in time I’m 20 years old. For me, this is a sore point, so mentioning this will result in a severe ignoring or a delete of your comment followed by a smack across the back of the head with a wet mop. Those of you insulted by this should probably leave now as I’m not willing to deal with trolls, gremlins or vampire bats. This is site for mature people looking for information, a litte fun and self help, not people who are fighting with their inner child and losing. That is what xbox live is for. :P Of course, I can have a joke. Sometimes people are just not funny. Unlike me. I am permenantly hilarious. On this blog you’ll find a few tips, the occasional recipe and a few personal thoughts I had on products, foods, snacks and techniques as well as some of my own personal moments. Hopefully some of these will be useful to you and you’ll enjoy sharing these experiences. There’s also the comments sections at the bottom for you to share information and ideas with others and me. Isn’t that great? Oh, my facebook is:

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