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Fruit and Veg diet.

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It’s been a while since my last post. Let me explain why:

First, (don’t ask me how) I lost the password to my account. In my attempts to find out my password again via email, I found some b****rd had hacked my hotmail account. AGAIN. I have spent two weeks trying to remember my backup email password. -___-

Anyway, I have managed to reach 11 stone. (154lbs) Just 1 stone left till my original goal weight. I’m not entirely sure how I managed it, but I think it’s mostly down to exercise.

This week I am trying to eat nothing but fruit and veg. Consider it a vegitarian diet. No meat, no dairy. Depending on how this goes I might go down to 9 stone. However, I don’t have the patience for no meat >.< Might have to implement some Tofu in…

Yesterday I ate:


Nectarine, handful of grapes


Melon slices,


Salad and stir-fried vegetables


Pear and Two (10kcal weightwatchers) Jellies.

Nothing unhealthy in that and I didn’t go hungry 😀 Yay. I only drank milk (the only dairy I’m allowing myself to consume) and my skin is so shiny!!! ❤

Today I started with


Nectarine – again.


Bowl of Honey soaked ricey weatabix cerael at only 230kcal for 40g with Milk


20kcal Crispbreads (x4) Salad leaves, cottage cheese and a little milk. (Cottage cheese is a safe food because it’s not high in fat) I had some chicken to stop the feeling of dizzy I had (I’m assuming from lack of iron from lack of meat).

I’m going to stick with this and see if I can make it to next Tuesday like this. No Carbs, limited dairy and no yucky foods 🙂 We’ll see.

Any advice is greatly recieved!

Oh! I also made some Rhubarb crumble but I didn’t eat it. xD My boyfriend did and apparently it was delicious :3


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