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Binge Eating. Part 1

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This is a sensitive subject due to the fact it’s plagued me for years so expect a lengthy post on this.

It started in primary school (or junior school) when I was about 8.  There are a huge number of triggers that were possible…

However, first lets figure out what binge eating is.

I haz a karit


Many doctors will say that binge eating is when someone is eating lots and lots and unable to stop and yes, that is one example. However, binge eating manifests in different ways and for different reasons. For example, it is highly assossiated with anorexics who eat nothing all day, binge eating by thousands of calories and then purge it through vomitting or laxitives. But people without eating disorders may be eating over accidently all the time.

For example. Our portion sizes, as anyone will tell you, are grossly out of proportion. Secretly, everyone knows that the average person eats nearly twice as much per meal as we used to. Aye, you say, that’s true, but we need it more. Really? Have you tried surviving on less? No I’m not asking you to starve yourself, but there’s a little trick called the 30 percent rule that may shock you.

The 30 percent rule states that you can eat 30percent more or 30 percent less of your food without even realising it.

I have a nifty trick that might seem odd to you, but it greatly decreased my ability to eat large portions. I didn’t even realise my portions were big!!!

One day, I sat down with my dinner (tuna salad btw) and attempted to eat. For every forkful I put in my mouth, I forked another into a small plastic baggy beside me. I did this until I had finished my meal. I fet full, I wasn’t hungry any more and I looked into the bag to find a HUGE amount of food left over. Seems like a huge waste doesn’t it? Exactly. By doing this exercise I was able to realise how much I was eating versus how much I actually needed. The food was wasted yes but this stopped me wasting food in the long run because I wasn’t piling it onto my hips. Try this exercise, especially if you have a food budget and watch how quickly you manage to save money on food 🙂 Watch how much longer food lasts!




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